Nelson Plant Food's line of ColorStar and NutriStar products are your ticket to a beautiful, healthy garden.

Our products are used by the best landscapers in the industry and are now available to you!

Don't know what you need? No problem! Our professional sales representatives have the knowledge and experience to help you identify your problem areas and suggest solutions to make sure you achieve the best and most beautiful plants on the block.

Confidence in our ingredients makes all the difference.

Quality, scientifically-balanced ingredients help your plants grow faster and stronger, reducing the need for water and fungicides. Plus, because our plant food extends your plants’ lifespans, you don’t have to worry about replacing plants or adding other plants to fill empty spaces in your yard.

This is why we use only the highest quality in ingredients and never any filler. In fact, every single ingredient in Nelson Plant Food products gives nutritional value to your plants in the ideal balance. Because how you feed matters.

Do you know how beautiful your yard could be with the right nutrition?

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Growing big, beautiful, blooming flowers has never been so easy! Our signature product, ColorStar, is the perfect long-lasting plant food that gets you beautiful color.

Nelson Plant Food Rose


We know every home gardener wants bigger blooms. Whether for Roses, Azalea's, or Bougainvilleas, we can provide the right plant food to ensure your plants and flowers bloom big and beautiful all season long.


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Colorful and beautiful plants come from the core of a healthy plant. All Nelson Plant Food products are formulated to provide optimal nutrition.