Nelson Plant Food started as a dream in the fall of 1983, when Dean Nelson, the founder and owner, came home one day and told his wife, Julie, "We're going to start a fertilizer company."

There were no customers, no fertilizer plant, no experience; there was just a vision with a lot of hope and faith. Nelson Plant Food has been happily serving the fertilizer industry since.

For more on how Nelson Plant Food got from there to here, take a look at Dean's story.


Our Mission

Our main goal in the business world is to make your plants healthier through good plant nutrition.  We have always designed our products with the best ingredients available.  We have always consulted renowned plant specialists to help us to understand what the particular plant needs.  We have always “bent over backwards” to make sure that our customers get their products when they need it.

We serve three markets in the horticulture industry: professional growers, professional landscapers, and home gardeners. Each market must be served differently, yet they all have the same desire: healthy plants.