Meet the Nelson Plant Food Team:

The Nelson Plant Food team is truly like family. We care deeply about each other and have fun working together to serve our clients and customers so they feel like family, too.

Nelson Plant Food Team


Dean Nelson, founder and CEO
Dean is the fearless and faithful leader behind Nelson Plant Food. 

Read more about how Dean started Nelson Plant Food here. It's a real interesting story!



Danny Dudoich, Grower Specialist

Danny has been with Nelson Plant Food for over six years now after working for Hines nursery for over twenty-two years. 

Danny works with growers throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, providing them with custom fertility solutions to their nursery needs. And best of all enjoying all of the great people in this industry!


Lauri Neeley, Turf Specialist

Lauri has been with Nelson Plant Food since 2003 and quickly established herself as the go-to turf specialist in the industry.

Turf grass solutions, formulating fertilizers and finding solutions is her job, but helping customers in any way she possibly can is her focus and passion.


Benny Landrum, Sales and Marketing Manager/Road Warrior

Benny is Nelson Plant Food's resident landscape guru.

Benny works in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. He loves giving out ColorStar and ColorStar Plus to landscapers and helping the rewholesalers all over the South, and has been known to make friends wherever he goes.


Stephanie Gebhardt, Office Manager

Stephanie graduated from Texas A&M (whoop!) with a degree in Horticulture. She has worked in the private sector (Gulf Oil), then for the Texas Agricultural Extension Service where she managed 500+ Master Gardener volunteers, and then as a Math/Science teacher to highly at-risk students in the juvenile justice system. Finally, at long last she is now here with us and loving it!


Derik, Plant Manager