Our custom plant food is made like no other for plants like no other.

Our custom formula for deep greens is designed to help save you green.

Because our custom plant foods target your plants and soils unique needs and are designed to be agronomically correct, they're more effective at maximizing plant growth and strength. And effective nutrition means that water needs are reduced, weeds are kept in check, and disease and insect damage is reduced.

A beautiful hanging basket from Creekside Nursery that was fed with Nelson Plant Food's ColorStar.

A beautiful hanging basket from Creekside Nursery that was fed with Nelson Plant Food's ColorStar.

custom solutions & products

When your plant food makes for less maintenance and more spectacular, longer-lasting growth, you know it's Nelson's custom-formulated balanced superfood.

With only the best ingredients designed to help grow your specific plant type, this plant food revitalizes your growing ecosystem - reducing water requirements, weed growth, and disease and insect damage - all while giving your hungry plant exactly what they need and nothing else. Because how you feed matters.



services for growers

We provide a bevy of services for Growers, including:

  • Water Analysis
  • Soil/media Analysis
  • Tissue Analysis
  • Fertility Program Review
  • Fertilizer Samples for Field Trials

The services listed above can be provided for identification of a fertility problem or while outlining a fertility program for the grower.

Contact Danny Dudoich, our Grower Specialist, to learn more about our custom products and services.


Meet our grower specialist,
Danny Dudoich

Danny Dudoich is Nelson Plant Food's official Grower Specialist and has been with the company for over six years now. Before making his way over to Nelson Plant Food, Danny worked at Hines Nursery in Fulshear, Texas for 22 years.

He specializes in and sells micronutrient packages, top dresses, and long-term control release fertilizers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and beyond. 

Danny really gets a kick out of working with all of the great people in this industry and helping them to solve and improve their nursery fertility issues. He has even been known to refer to himself from time to time as the fertility specialist!

Danny is happy to talk with you and answer your questions or concerns. 

Danny Dudoich Nelson Plant Food

Contact Danny by phone at:

Email Danny at danny@nelsonplantfood.com