The secret to less complaints and happier customers?

Healthier plants and healthier turf. Our custom formulas are created to provide the ideal ingredients in the ideal balance for your unique soil and plant types, so your plants grow stronger, longer. 

We know there's no room for dead or dull plants when you're designing one-of-a-kind experiences for your clients. This is why it's so important to us to custom agronomically-correct plant food: it reduces water requirements, minimizes weeds, and lessons disease and insect damage, so you can keep your clients happy without making extra work for yourself.

A Houston, Texas residential lawn fertilized and fed with Nelson Plant Food custom blend.

A Houston, Texas residential lawn fertilized and fed with Nelson Plant Food custom blend.

What's more beautiful than seasonal color plants showing their vibrant colors, perennials that don't look tired and faded, and trees, shrubs ands turf that are dense and lush green?

Nothing! It's a picture perfect landscape.

We can help you achieve a picture perfect landscape for your client by engaging with you in the landscape challenges you have. As fertilizer advisors, we don't sit behind a desk selling you products you may not need.

We prefer "on-site" visits to discuss any issues that are hindering your plants or turfs performance. Our landscape expert will bring innovative solutions to get you back on track quickly.



    As they say, you have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression.

    Any time you have large swaths of color in a landscape setting, heads will turn. When making such a statement we understand every bloom matters.

    Our ColorStar will bring your color definition into high definition. As we all know, color plants can be your friend one day and your enemy the next.

    After years of listening to our customers ongoing issues with color plants, we rolled up our sleeves and developed ColorStar Plus, the first color plant food on the market containing fungicide.

    We know a good start increases the longevity of the plant.

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    Ask a landscaper what's in their bag of fertilizer and you can see a glaze come over their eyes. They are thinking of 3 urgent fires that need attending to and 25 things on their "customer to-do list."

    We know landscapers don't really care what is in the bag as long as it makes their color plants beautiful and their grass green. 

    Ninety percent of our customers are owner-operators, and so are we! Meaning we are sensitive to how valuable your time is and we do our best to keep the boring details to a minimum.

    We may ask some annoying questions upfront to get a better understanding of what FERT you are currently using and your likes and dislikes about the product/s. 

    For the Nelson Plant Food advisors, FERT has a dual meaning. One, it is the products we blend and sell and two, it is an acronym for:


    These four categories contain critical pieces of information that allow us to offer suggestions on how to achieve better turf and plant performance. We constantly are evaluating current fertilization programs, suggestions options, and formulating products that best suit your needs.